Wellness naturopathic retreat
Just as the caterpillar thought that everything was over, he grew wings

« New Me » :

  Wellness healing naturopathic retreat

"There are two ways to live your life: 

either act as if nothing is a miracle, or see the miracle in everything "

Dare to change perspective. 

Begin deep transformation through yoga and naturopathic workshops.

Search for your true nature, in contact with Nature.

Nature heals our wounds, physical as well as emotional. 

Relaxation, reconnection,

 shared experiences

 Healing retreat in intimate and warm surroundings , 

with the help of caring therapists

6 healing days to enjoy through relaxation, walks, yoga, delicious healthy cuisine


Daily naturopathic workshops: aromatherapy, healing stones energy, phytotherapy, E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) , mindfulness ... 

Start where you are, do with what you have, do what you can. 

Foresee nothing, if not the unforeseeable, expect nothing, only the unexpected 

This sums up the philosophy of our healing naturopathic retreat : every one arrives with their luggage :  emotions, memories, experiences,  strengths and weaknesses. Perfect.

 During those six days, we will offer naturopathic workshops, walks, relaxation, time for exchange, meditation or leisure. 

Time to drop off your luggage.

Take a deep breath. Make space to welcome the Unexpected ... 

Naturopathic philosophy 

through daily workshops 


( essential oils) :

 sleep, stress, skin, allergies, digestive system, emotional release: 

which essential oils for you? 

Healing Stones Energy

 stress, sleep, self-confidence, transformation: 

what stones can help you?


Healing plants

Naturopathic techniques

Nature walks

Meditative walks, 

discovering the surrounding nature 


How water can purify and energize us 


Breathing technique aiming at helping us reconnecting  to our inner peace . 

Courses held by an experienced caring teacher 

 (suitable for beginners) 

Emotionnal Freedom

Guided meditations

Encounter mindfulness through guided exercises 

Circle of Trust

Re encounter the importance of Togetherness

Re Joy cing

Learn to see and experience Joy in everything

Naturopathic daily advice


healthy, fresh organic food: 

The how and why 's of counscious eating

 The ideal combinations of foods

Daily Naturopathic Advice

by a certified CFD naturopath, specialist in essential oils and nutritherapy.

Nathalie will accompany you, with her natural kindness and friendliness, through your process of transformation.


On request, shiatsu or pink quartz massage ( extra cost)

Learn, see, feel, love.

Teide Vulcano Excursion

"Reborn from your ashes"

Breathtaking landscapes

Aloe Plant Visit

Aloe Vera is a plant with many vitues.

Possibility to buy aloe vera natural organic products

Healing Mala Making

Mala beads are a string of beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation. 

We shall use lava stone on our malas to pour essential oils and carry their healing powers on us alla day long


Become who you are meant to be 

Transformation Game Evenings

This revolutionary game seems to have its own intelligence, bringing us answers to our most intimate questions through intuition

Free Time

You will also get free time in order to let your wings grow

Secret beach

Our villas face a secret beach where to meditate, retreat and dream


Healing naturopathic retreat week 1 

 4/2 til 9/2/2019

Healing naturopathic retreat week 3

18/2 til23/2/2018


Book NOW

Groups are limited so book now to avoid disappointment

Healing wellness naturopathic retreat
in bio-climatical private villas

Idyllic settings inviting serenity and peace, far from the usual touristic circuits.

Healing wellness naturopathic retreat in a sustainable environment 

Zero CO² emission

 The villas have been designed taking into account local climatic conditions and available ressources (sun, wind, water, vegetation) in order to reduce energy consumption and minimize CO2 emissions. 

Reasonable use of water 

Generally, houses offer one modern bathroom to share between 4 people 

Your Choice: 

shared or individual room 

according to your budget and availabilities 

   Healing wellness naturopathic retreat next to the ocean 

Fully fitted kitchens

 Each villa has its own kitchen (usually shared to 4 or 5 people max) 

Attention to the smallest details 

Each house has its own character, for example a mini pool 

Outdoor relaxation areas

in order to enjoy the benefits of the natural elements 

Healing wellness naturopathic retreat amidst nature 

Relaxation and reconnection 

Facing the ocean

- Direct access to wild secluded creeks
 - Gardens with native flora

(Can be windy)

Friendly spaces 

bright, intimate, the living spaces for maximum relaxation and well being

Natural coolness 

thanks to the use of natural wood, stone ..., orientation and  thickness of the walls optimize the natural circulation of the air. 

Naturopathic daily coaching

Nathalie WEGRIA is a certified CFD naturopath, specialist in essential oils and nutritherapy.

She will accompany you, with her natural kindness and friendliness,  through your process of transformation.

Nathalie will run daily naturopathic workshops aiming emotional release and lifestyle advice . 

More information on Nathalie 's personal website: www.lanatureguerit.com

General informations : Q & A   questions and answers 


 Each retreat will welcome a group of 10 -12 max per week                            - 


 Nearest airport (15 km): Reina Sofia Tenerife South 

(see RYANAIR site https://www.ryanair.com/ie/en/ for cheap  flights 

 Our wellness naturopathic retreat will take place in an unual and beautiful secluded area in the south of the island of Tenerife.  This bio-climatic development is  located near El Médano, facing the sea. 

Tenerife enjoys a gentle spring like climate all year round. This will allow us to enjoy the healing powers of the surrounding nature. 

Tenerife being a volcanic island, we shall use the energy of the 4 main natural elements: water, earth, fire, wood. 

The bio-climatic domain includes several villas consuming zero fossil energy, all built in different architectural styles, including  2 to 7 bedrooms, with 1 to 2 bathrooms to be shared between 4 people. 

NB : Note that the number of single "single" rooms is limited.

 According to the numbers of persons attending, we shall stay in 2 or 3 villas 


Price of your healing naturopathic retreat depends on your choice of room :

- individual: 1190 € 

      - shared: 990 €        


 - All the excursions and naturopathic workshops are included in the price 

- All meals are included: they will be prepared with organic fresh products  when possible. Recipes are based on naturopathic ideas (ideal food combos).  Choice of ingredient, recipes and principles will be explained during meals in order to learn to eat consciously

. ◼ What is not included?

-  transport (flights etc., airport transfers)

-  personal expenses


 As soon as you register, you will be included into the New Me Community : a private space where to share with other members

You can already get to know the people who will be part of the adventure and exchange with them. 


- Simply by confirming  your participation by email, specifying your preferred date of arrival, either 4/2, 11/2, 18/2 or 25/2/2019 and your preferred type of room 

 - Upon validation of your booking we shall invite you to book your flights

A deposit of 300 € is requested to secure your booking. The balance can be paid in two part-payments later. 

- Why book now? 

- to benefit from the cheapest available flights 

- in order to get your choice of preferred room (individual / shared) 

 - to get your beautiful welcome gift

(available with each booking by 30/11/2019)

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